Make your Diwali occasion special with Crackers from Sivakasi

The moment one hears ‘Sivakasi’, there is a natural gush of emotion that spontaneously startles us with zillion thoughts around crackers, lights, and sounds. Sivakasi is an exceptional place in Tamilnadu and is well known for its firework and matchbox industries. Sivakasi is a part of the Virudhunagar district and about 90% of India’s firecrackers are manufactured here. With an approximate turnover of ₹20 billion, the industry provides employment for over 2.5 lakh people Beyond catering to the domestic demand for festivals like diwali, vishu, and celebratory occasions including new year, birthdays, etc., the Sivakasi crackers are also exported to various parts of the world.

Sivakasi, the fireworks hub of India

Sivakasi is the ‘firework capital of India’ and is also called the ‘Little Japan of India’. The emergence of fire crackers dates back to 1923, when P. Ayya Nadar and Shanmuga Nadar from Sivakasi left for West Bengal to work in a match factory. Sivakasi was then experiencing its worst drought and famine. When they got back to the town after eight months or so, they launched and developed Anil and Ayya brands. Until then, the firecrackers had to be imported into India. It is a notable achievement that Sivakasi factories cater to more than 90% of cracker demand in
India. The duo revolutionised cracker making in India, and the firecracker factories mushroomed and multiplied from being two to more than 650 manufacturers. Sivakasi is said to have the best-crafted crackers among all the cracker manufacturers. More than 8,000 factories regale to the augmenting cracker demand.
The sector is witnessing steady growth. Sivakasi houses a great number of wholesale and retail cracker stores. The fireworks manufactured here are known for their high quality. The hard working people of the city are a perfect testimony to it being called ‘Kutty Japan’. From a
global perspective, Sivakasi is the second largest manufacturer of the world, second only to China.

Make your occasions special with Sivakasi Crackers

Fireworks are a part of festivals, poorams, and utsavams in India. Temple grounds have a specific area allocated for storing and bursting crackers. Beyond that, crackers are the cornerstone of other festivals like Diwali, Vishu, Karthigai Deebam, etc. Sivakasi crackers have also become a part of our everyday celebrations, be it the new year, graduation, birthdays, weddings, retirement, etc.

Buy Sivakasi crackers online at the best price

Sivakasi crackers are known for their affordable cost and high quality. Make Diwali, the ‘festival of lights’, jubilant and bright with the best crackers from Sivakasi. Embellish the celebrations with dazzling and sparkly fireworks available at Sivan crackers. Book Sivakasi crackers online at wholesale price, and we shall coordinate with you for the payment and delivery

Sivakasi crackers at Sivan Crackers

Right crackers at the right time define the significance of the celebration. This is predominantly because we customise crackers to meet different needs of the occasion as well as depending on which period of the day you would want to burst them. So, it is important that you choose the right Sivakasi crackers to be able to enjoy and fully experience the bliss of festivals. For instance, the day crackers are made to produce banging sounds and noise while the night crackers are more optimised to produce eye-catching sparkles and beautiful flames. We have more
than a hundred and fifty varieties of the best quality and truly safe crackers.

Sivakasi crackers online – Day Crackers

At Sivan crackers, we have a wide range options for day time ranging from bijilis and one sound crackers to garland crackers and high-decibel paper bombs. Some of the popular day cracker options at Sivan crackers are the following:
  • Poppers and snakes: Buy best poppers, snake egg crackers, snake tail crackers, and other fancy crackers for children from Sivan crackers including Mega Sirens, Roll Cap, Top Gun and Magic Butterfly.
  • One Sound Cracker: One Sound Crackers at Sivan Crackers is one of the best selling varieties.
    Light up the crackers once and stand back to cherish your soul with a strong pounding. You may be interested in our 5 inches Mega Deluxe Tiger, 4 Inches Lakshmi Crackers, 4 Lakshmi Deluxe & Hulk and 1/2 Medium Lakshmi.
  • Bijilis and Bombs: What is more thrilling than the Bijilis and bombs as you celebrated Diwali, Vishu or other festivals. Grab an elegant range of Bijilis and Bombs ranging from paper Bombs, hydro Bomb Greens, Agni Mega Bombs, Classic Bomb Greens, King Of King Bomb Green, etc. from Sivan crackers.
  • Garlands: 2000 wala, 1000 wala, and red giant garlands set the sound levels up the vibe with their typical noisy Boom! Budget Garlands and Hi-Fi Garlands are some of the best selling Sivakasi crackers online.
For other Sivakasi crackers online, follow the link to our store, Buy Sivakasi Diwali Crackers Online – Sivan Crackers.

Sivakasi crackers online -Night Crackers

Night crackers options at Sivan crackers are extensive and include fancy crackers for children who are always fond of the shimmery sparkles. Some of the sought-after night crackers include the following.
  • Fountains: Fountains add more charm to the festivals as they release colourful sparkles. These fountains are ideal for children as they are relatively safe and mild. All you have to do is set the fountain in an open space, light it up, stand back and enjoy the magnificent view. Top fountain firecrackers available at Sivan crackers include the following.
    1. Gudiya Mud Fountain
    2. Tin Fountain
    3. 180 Degree Fancy Fountain
    4. Mini Colour Fountain
    5. Multi-Function Fountain
    6. Colour Cracking Fountain
    7. Mega Fountain
    8. Double Wonder Fountain
    9. Mini Colour Fountain
    10. Multi Colour Fountain.
  • Sparklers: Sparkles look similar to incense sticks but they give off golden or colourful sparks when lit. They are handy and children-friendly. The sparklers are available at 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, 30 cm and 50 cm length, and at Sivan Crackers, sparklers include the following: Colour Sparkler, Electric Sparkler, Green Sparkler, Red Sparkler.
  • Flower pots and chakkars: Chakkars spin on the ground when lit up. Chakkars produce coloured sparks when lit up and look tremendously beautiful like blooming flowers. Chakkars at Sivan Crackers are available in three sizes and types: Ground Chakkars big, Ground Chakkars Deluxe, Ground Chakkars Special. Flowerpots are similar to fountains. They are cone-shaped crackers that sit on the ground with its bottom. Some fountains are cylindrical in shape too. When fountains are fired, they release brilliant sparkles around them. An array of
    Flowerpots that are available at Sivan crackers include, Colour Koti 3 Colours, Flower Gaint & Asoka, Flower Pot Big, Flower Pot Deluxe, Flower Pot Special, Tri Colour Fountains
  • Rockets: Rockets propel up when ignited and burst into beautiful chrysanthemums or willow-like light streaks. A magnificent range of rockets is available at Sivan Crackers including Color Rocket, Lunik Rocket, Sky Whistling Rocket, Brand Multicolor Shot, Whistling Shot, Mega Fancy Display, Chotta Sky Shot, Color Fountain + Sky Shot, Multicolor Shot
Book the best night, Sivakasi crackers online at Buy Sivakasi Diwali Crackers Online – Sivan Crackers.

How to place orders for Sivakasi crackers?

At Sivan crackers, Sivakasi crackers are shipped to various locations across India through dealers as the government of India has banned the online sale of firecrackers. All that you have to do is to pre-book with us through the website, and we will ensure a seamless delivery through email or phone. If you are a dealer, you may get in touch with us at +91 80723 74773
Make your Diwali occasion special with Crackers from Sivakasi
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